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« BACK 4.02.2021 DÜNYA GAZETESİ- Antalya exports 37 yachts and realizes inflow of 108 million $ during the pandemic!

General Manager of ASBAŞ, Antalya Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc., Zeki GÜRSES stated that 37 yachts worth 108 million $ were exported from Antalya Free Zone during the pandemic.  

During Covid-19 pandemic which affected whole world in a very negative way make mid-top income level clients turn their direction to yacht industry. Clients who would like to be away from the crowds turned their preferences into sailing holidays which lead them to order personal yachts.

Zeki Gürses stated that at the beginning of pandemic they were concerned about the stagnation in most of the industries but it turned out just the opposite for the yacht industry. Antalya, known as a prominent trade mark in yacht industry, receives orders from all over the world. Especially midsize yacht orders as 12-34 meters increased remarkably. Antalya Free Zone management and user companies expect the uptrend continues.

14 Million TL Worth Quay Investment

Zeki Gürses points out the quay investment of 14 million TL which will allow the user companies build and refit yachts up to 90m and goes on:

“Luxury yachts industry will also add value to tourism. Mid and top level European businessmen will be visiting Antalya in order to see the process of their yacht building, involve in activities, for instance play golf and that will allow the quality of tourism to rise.

1.2 Billion $ Yacht Export in 20 Years

Between 2000-2019,  442 yachts worth 1.2 billion $ were built in and exported from Antalya Free Zone, indicates Zeki Gürses and he informed that in 2020, 37 yachts in various sizes reached to their owners. The income from these yachts were 108 million $ where the total trade volume increased by 8 percent and reached to 840 million $.

General Manager of Alia Yachts Ömer Koray also stated that they were concerned in the beginning of the pandemic as yacht industry and added, “We were thinking the pandemic would affect the industry negatively but it was just the opposite. There is a vast number of demands from USA, Germany, Italy, France, Canada and from many other countries especially for 30 m and up. The buyers would like keep their distance with the crowds. We are having meetings with the potential buyers but there is an uncertainty in the world that is why we cannot sign agreements. At the moment, our meetings for 7-8 mega projects keep going.”