Antalya Free Zone is on the route of Antalya-Kemer. It is located adjacent to Antalya Port. It is 12 km and 25 km to the city centrum and to the airport respectively. It has a total area of 625.490 square meters. It has been in service since November 14, 1987.

Its land and infrastructure are funded by the state, while its superstructure is funded by the investing firms. According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers, the right of operation was given to the private sector. To this end, ASBAŞ (Antalya Free Zone Operator Inc.) was established, 34% shares of which does belong to public while the rest – 66% - does belong to private sector.

Directorate of Free Zone, Customs Directorate of Free Zone, Directorate of Customs Enforcement in Free Zone, and Free Zone Police Authority directly serve for the Free Zone and they are organized based on their own administrative structure. They are in a constant operation to minimize the red tape in Free Zone and prevent the waste of time.

Financial, logistic advantages of Antalya Free Zone as well as the natural advantages of the city create a highly important and cost-effective investment environment for the investors. Antalya Free Zone was put into service in 1987. In the first instance the zone was used as a machinery park for the firms who take tenders from the Mediterranean countries. Then in 1994 a decree was issued to open shopping malls for tourists considering the tourism potential of the city. Since 1995 Antalya Free Zone has made a considerable progress in terms of textile production. Maritime is one of the most fast growing sector in our country. Therefore Antalya Free Zone has received many applications for building mega yachts since 2000 and attracted many investors in this sector. It is especially reported that the applications have increased significantly since 2003.

The occupancy rate has reached to 95% in our zone which is an important center of investment for national and international firms. Currently 3000 people are employed in Antalya Free Zone. It is estimated that the trade volume has reached to $ 700 million as of 2010. It ranks the 8th among 19 free zones in Turkey in terms of trade volume. However, it ranks the 4th in terms of employment as its operations are mainly based on production.

Our zone has the capacity to compete with all the developed free zones with its electricity, water and telecommunication services and its green field, roads and waste treatment facilities. Since 1998 it has a quay where all type of loading and unloading activities can be carried out.

Our zone operates harmoniously with the tourism texture of Antalya without polluting the environment and without creating any visual and noise pollution. It embraces 106 firms which operate in such sectors as luxury boat construction, medicine, agriculture based on plant reproduction, Textile, Agriculture, Mine-Wood, Electricity-Electronics, and Renting. It provides raw materials for our country through sale and and purchase of such goods.

The firms operating within the Free Zone can either be fully national or international. Our Free Zone is next to EU and Middle East markets. Many industrial products produced in Turkey can enter EU market with zero customs duty. Moreover, transportation is available from Zone to port, roads, and culture, tourism and entertainment and recreation centers.

What makes Antalya Free Zone special is that it is located close both to the Airport and to the City Centrum. This instantly brings many advantages. It is one of a few coastal free zones. Therefore the goods are delivered directly from the zone’s own port. As it is advantageous in terms of transportation and accommodation, both investors and international customers prefer Antalya for their trade and tourism activities. The operator of Antalya Free Zone, ASBAŞ, was entitled by the international TÜV Industrie Service GmbH to have a DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management Certificate in October 10, 2006.

Our aim is to make Antalya Free Zone one of the most important and profitable center for investment in the world.