The free zones are considered outside the customs borders. Legislative provisions pertaining to taxes, levies, duties and to customs and foreign exchange obligations may not be applied in these zones.

• To be able to benefit from the tax advantages for producers
• To be able to make mid and long term plans
• Opportunity to transfer profit freely
• To provide ease in trade
• Commercial activity exempted from Customs Tax Procedures
• Ease in gaining Free Movement Documents that are required by EU and Customs Union Criteria
• Equality Principle
• No limitation of time
• Able to determine commercial activity regarding to market needs and conditions free from bureaucracy
• Able to carry out a more realistic inflation prediction
• Able to reach all domestic and international markets
• Minimized bureaucratic procedure and dynamic business management
• Strategic Advantages
• Convenient and inexpensive infrastructure opportunity for all means of trade and industry
• Able to benefit from supply chain opportunities.