» The free zones are considered outside the customs borders.

» Legislative provisions pertaining to taxes, levies, duties and to customs and foreign exchange obligations may not be applied in these zones.

» During the investment and production phases, the operating institutions and users may benefit from the incentives announced by the Council of Ministers.

» Income and revenues generated in the free trade zones through activities of real persons and legal entities with full or limited tax liability in Turkey, are considered to be exempt from income and corporate taxes, provided that the transfer of such income and revenues to Turkey is documented pursuant to foreign exchange regulations.

» Either foreign investors or local enterprises may own 100 percent of their investments in the free zones.

» The modern infastructure in the Free Zones are already present, and are comparable with those in the similar infrastructure works in the developed countries.

» An effort is being put forward to reduce bureaucracy and the red tape in the Free Zones. The preference for the conduct of operations is the private sector.

» Contrary to most of the free zones around the world, sales into the domestic markets are allowed at the Free Zones in Turkey.

» The convertible foreigna currency acceptable to the Central Bank of Turkey are in use at the Free Zones.

» The Turkish Free Zones are adjacent to the major Turkish Ports, on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas, also are very close to the international airports of the country.

» For a period of 10 years following the commencement of operations in the free zones, strike and lockout are prohibited.

» The lease for the land with completed infrastructure is very low.

» The Free Zones are close to the EC and Middle East Markets, providing tax free introductuon of many Turkish products to EC markets and on the other hand, the attractive cultural, tourism, recreational and entertainment centers are also in close proximity for access.

» There is no restriction for barter trade in the Free Zones.

» The maximum period of Operating License may be extended up to 99 years.

» In the Turkish Free Zones, Municipality Law, Passport Law, Foreign Investment and Encouragement Law, and all other articles of laws contrary to the provisions of the Free Zones Law, shall not be applicable.