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Antalya Free Zone Pages

Entrance Permits

In order to engage in operations in free zones, an Operating Licence has to be obtained from Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade Directorate General of Free Zones.

An application form for Operating Licence can be obtained from Directorate General of Free Zones, Zone Directorates or Zone Operator, Founder/Operator Companies and has to be completed and the documents mentioned below have to be attached to the copy of the said form.

1. Descriptive information about the Applicant and its Free Zone operation (on a separate sheet).

2. Authorization document and specimen of signature of the signatory and (if any) power of attorney and specimen of signature of the firm agent.

3. If the applicant
- is an already established firm, Türkiye Ticaret Sicil Gazetesi (Turkish Trade Register Gazette) covering the establishment announcement and the last capital and partnership structure of applicant firm and document obtained from Chamber of Commerce and/or Industry (The copy of the establishment documents of the firm which has been established outside of Turkey, ratified by the Turkish Consulates).
- will be a firm that will be established in the free zone, articles of incorporation.

4. Last three year&rsquos balance sheets, income statements.

5. The original copy and photocopy of the receipt Operating Licence fee paid to the Central Bank of Turkey.

6. (If any) Documents related to the foreign currency brought into Turkey within the last three years.

7. Establishment Permit from BDDK-Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency for bank and financial leasing institutions and from Undersecretariat of Treasury Directorate General of Insurance for insurance companies.

8. A copy of filled Operating Licence Application Form.


STEP 1: The investor obtains application form from Free Zone Management and fills the form.

STEP 2: Application fee is paid to Free Zone`s account in T.C. Central Bank.

STEP 3: The application form is returned to Free Zone Management with the required attachments.

STEP 4: Free Zone Management sends the form to Ministry of Trade Free Zone General Management along with Free Zone Founder & Operator`s statement of opinion. 

STEP 5: Ministry of Trade Free Zone General Management evaluates the application.

NEGATIVE: The application fee is returned to the investor

POSITIVE: The investor applies to Free Zone Founder & Operator in order to sign indoor/outdoor area rental within 30 days of the date of approval document. After the rental aggreement with Free Zone Founder & Operator signed, the agreement is sent to Free Zone Management and Free Zone Management sends the aggreement to Ministry of Trade Free Zone General Management in order to issue "Operating Licence".