Antalya Governor and ASBAŞ Chairman of Board, Mr. Ersin Yazıcı and General Manager Zeki Gürses visited automatisation, yacht building, refit and maintenance, medical and medical device producer companies located in Antalya Free Zone. 

Governor Yazıcı pointed Antalya as one of the most important investment centers in Mediterranean Area and added " Antalya Free Zone has become a zone that includes World's most prominent trademarks operating in Maritime, Electric - Electronics and Medical Industries. 

Governor Yazıcı made his first visit to Bihl Wiedeman opeating in industrial automatisation. General Manager Murat Uyanık informed Mr. Yazıcı on security of machiney and facilities, automatisation solutions for datacommunications and production procedure. The company which also has activities on communication systems, employs 160 personnel. 

Second, he visits Alia Yachts operating on yacht building using the latest technology for private and commercial sectors and got information from Ömer Koray, General Manager about the position of the industry, production activities and capacities and export. 

Governor Yazıcı states that Antalya Free Zone has become the most important "Yacht Building and Maintenance Center" of the Mediterranean. "The yachts built in Antalya are exported from USA to Australia which provides currency inflow not only the companies in Antalya Free Zone but also to Turkey. The prestigious prizes that we have gained through yacht building in international arena are not just Antalya's pride but all Turkey's. The only way to continue and improve the success that we have reached is to develop our free zone. We have to make our yacht building and maintenance center a trade mark by developing and expanding services." He congratulated Alia Yachts, employing 250 personnel, for their success. 

He, then, visited Getinge, which employs 350 personnel and exports medical devices used for heart operations over 200 countries and got information from General Manager Murat Çalık.  

During the pandemic, we have continued production without a break and pay special attention to preserve the production and supply chain says the governor and added "Antalya is one of the most important production centers. Our companies keep producing in many industries from yacht to agriculture, medical to metal and building, electric-electronics to textiles. Especially the medical companies provided outstanding value to our city and country during the pandemic. We will overcome this process as soon as possible and keep working and investing in order to blow our zone up, increase the investment, export, production and employment. 


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