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Authority Prof. Dr. Cengiz ERYILMAZ
Address Liman SB Mahallesi 4. Sokak No:13 07070 Konyaaltı / Antalya / Turkey
Phone 0242 290 25 55
Fax 0242 290 26 66
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Dear Friends,

First of all, CONSOLID GROUP would like to express our warmest greeting and best wishes to all our Friends.

We would like to thank you for your kindness in interest to the Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology and send our deepest regards and respect as Consolid Group Turkey.

We would like to thank you for your kindness to give us the great opportunity to collaborate with your COMPANY.

We are very grateful that your Company would like to our Patented Unique Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology in your Road, Railway, Port, Airport Runway and other kind of construction and reinforcement works. , and would like to introduce to you our international company which works from its main base of operation in Antalya Turkey and Berlin Germany in advance.

We have started with the slogan &ldquoTHE UNIQUE CONSOLID NANO GROUND CONSOLIDATION TECHNOLOGY&rdquo &ldquoCONSOLIDATED FOUNDATIONS FOR THE BEST FUTURE&rdquo which is wide renewed focus on innovations. &ldquoFor CONSOLID GROUP, innovation is a journey. &ldquoWe don&rsquot have all the answers or even all the questions, but we&rsquore committed to innovation, new ways of thinking and new pathways to growth, solutions for important problems and value creation.&rdquo

CONSOLID GROUP is proud to be one of leading innovative companies worldwide with its registered patents and worldwide well-known registered brands CONSOLID, CONSOLID 444 and SOLIDRY. We are motivated to do things better, to innovate, to provide simple solutions to a global challenge.

Our company is manufacturing SOLIDRY Nano Ground Stabilizer and CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer in its 3 factories located in the Port Antalya / Turkey Antalya Free Trade Zone and Antalya Industrial area with a 28500 m2 closed area and 60000 m2 open area under the daily capacity of 700 tons of SOLIDRY Nano Ground Stabilizer and 100 tons of CONSOLID 444 Nano Ground Stabilizer. Additional to be a producer of its unique innovative products, CONSOLID GROUP is one of the leading Contractors working on Infrastructure Projects such as Roads, High Ways, Railways, Airports, Ports and etc.

CONSOLID GROUP is a highly regarded business partner by international enterprises, for its vast experience, engineering know-how, successfully on time delivered projects to date, business ethics, and its world standard performance, as well as its strong emphasis on HSE as a responsible entrepreneur with its direct 150 professional staff which is conformed by a multidisciplinary team made by engineers and graduates highly qualified for the development of the different business areas  including professors and engineers and indirect more than 700 staff.

CONSOLID GROUP actively contributes to develop infrastructure projects and other related project for the sake of best benefits for customers, society and nation. We believe that our innovative unique products play important role in economy development of countries which are using our high and stable quality products. In parallel with our business activities, we always pay special attentions to corporate social care, including an environmental protection, education development, and contribution to social infrastructure construction. We continue to innovate and develop solutions that deliver higher quality infrastructure projects that are more environmentally friendly, are longer lasting, and are quicker and cheaper than conventional infrastructure.

Consolid Nano Ground Consolidation Technology is used in some big projects in United States, Germany, Switzerland, China, Angola, Netherlands, Ghana, Mexico, Russian Federation, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, EU Countries, UK with the characteristics of different climatic conditions.

We are ready to be your strategic Partner and Collaborate with your Company and related organizations.

We will be appreciated to welcome your delegation as our honor guests, at the earliest suitable time of you in Antalya, Turkey, in order to negotiate the technical aspects about the technology and our mutual business strategical planning model and see our production facilities.

Please feel free to contact to us at any time for any further questions.

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